Cultural and Natural Preservation

The Cultural and Narural Program covers activities in the field of natural preservation and promotion of traditional/local culture and arts. This activities was carried out in produciton of documentry films and the inisiation of Indigenous school (Sekolah Adat). Documentary films about culture are published through the youtube channel Dayak Documentary . Until now Merangat Foundation has initiated three Indigenous school, all of them in the Kapuas Hulu Regency, namely: Sekolah Adat Kantu' Tua' Sangau at Sungai Uluk Village, Putussibau Selatan Sub District, Sekolah Adat Punan Uheng Koreho Jut Ubing at Koareho Village, Putussibau Sltan Sub District and Sekolah Adat Pangin Urung Da'an Togung Tebirung at dusun Nanga Arong, Nanga Raun Village, Kalis Sub District.

Last Update: 19, Sep 2020
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