Village Tourism

Merangat Foundation supports the villages to develop village's tourism potentials. The activities of merangat Foundation in the field of Village Tourism include:

  1. Koreho Geopark initiation. Kareho Village has very beautiful geological elements. Currently Merangat Foundation is preparing the Koreho community, who will be the main actors to protec and  enhance the function of natural heritages, inculuding tthe arrcheological, ecological and cultural values it contains. In Koreho Geopark we offer an adventure to enjoy the bueauty and uniqueness of nature, biodiversity, historical and sacred places, arts and culture of Punan Uheng Koreho Indigenous communities.
  2. Tour Opeators. Serving Tourist in enjoing the beauty of natural and cultural in Kapuas Hulu, with the ecotourism destinations: National Park Danau Sentarum, National Park Betung Kerihun, Koreho Geopark, Bukit (Mount) Tilung, Kensuray and Laung; and cultural destination: Sekolah Adat (Indigenous School), Gawai Dayak (Harvest), Traditional Weaving, etc.


Last Update: 22, Sep 2020
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